Keller's experience providing the energy sector with cost-effective solutions to ground problems spans many decades.

Sector challenges we can solve

Bio, fossil, hydroelectric, nuclear, wind, or solar power generation
High voltage transmission and distribution
Performing work around utilities at existing facilities

Our crews and equipment can access any site, from the confines of a coal-fired power plant to mountainous terrain for transmission towers. Whether for bio, fossil, hydroelectric, nuclear, wind, or solar power generation, and transmission and distribution, we can design and build a geotechnical solution to meet your needs.

Our deep foundation and ground improvement techniques allow you to construct your project as designed when it must be built over less-than-ideal soils. We perform our work safely around utilities at existing power generation and distribution facilities. Our quality control capabilities help to ensure what we construct on the ground is to specification. We carefully follow all procedures at security-sensitive power generation sites.

Keller wind farm foundations

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Keller has delivered wind turbine foundations over decades, safely applying a variety of advanced foundation and ground improvement techniques.

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